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Your Product  deserves to be well-packaged by one of our robotic packet machines.  The Pack Zone provides optimal solutions to your business needs.  Just imagine . . .

Good. Fast. Cheap.

Pick three.  Yes, you can have them all at the Pack Zone—due to our extensive experience with a wide range of demanding customers.  We produce up to 100 machines every month, including single and multiline variations.  We are ready to make yours!

good, fast, and cheap is our motto for packet machines

Options here at the Pack Zone  include automatic filling machines to form sachets, sticks, tea bags, pouches, pillow-bags, etc.  Fill packets with powder, granular, liquid, viscous, and countable products.  Possible packet shape and size vary greatly, from fractions of an ounce to a few pounds net weight.

Around the World.

Our machines, delivered to customers over the past ten years, have the capacity to produce packets circling the Earth over 600 times—every year.  Alternatively, that is enough for over twenty annual round trips to the moon.  Let your product  contribute to the total.

graphic rocket circling the globe

Explore this Pack Zone  website now to learn how we can meet your packaging needs.  In addition to automated packet construction and filling, we are eager to provide preprinted film according to your artwork.  We can also provide numerous options such as: production lot printers, remote monitoring, nitrogen blanketing, automated cartoning, and more.

Please contact us soon for a free consulation.  Quotations are typically provided in two to seven days, depending on complexity of your custom project.

Multiline Packing.

For large capacity demand, the Pack Zone provides a wide range of multiline production  machines.  Numerous innovative and patented features assure reliable operation resulting in the consistent quality you demand.

machine for multi-line production of shaped stick packets
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